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Friday Morning SOLD OUT

All participants signing up for half day activities must select one morning and one afternoon activity. (All half-day activities are in Bracebridge, with no opportunity to return to camp at midday.)

Easy/ Moderate Walk: High Falls Park Easy/ Moderate Walk: High Falls Park (morning, Bracebridge) SOLD OUT


This small slice of paradise is a delightful 1-hour stop on the way to your selected activity in Bracebridge. High Falls Park features three very different waterfalls. High Falls is one of the largest and steepest waterfalls in the region; the Muskoka River cascades majestically over the rocks in a single 50-foot drop. Scamper down the rocks to find excellent views up close… and wet!

Next, take a short hike to the next waterfall. Explore the remarkable rock outcrops, gnarled tree trunks, and jagged rock edges while walking on a carpet of red pine needles. Beautiful moss, ferns and sedges add to the site's allure. At Pott's Falls, the water descends from the charming footbridge above, dancing over perfectly placed charcoal rocks strewn through the stream. Over the footbridge and down the other side, you'll soon arrive at Little High Falls gurgling down to the main river below. High Falls Park - a hidden gem, a photographer's dream!

Easy/ Moderate Walk: Bracebridge Bay/ Chapel Gallery & High Falls Park (morning) - SOLD OUT

Easy/ Moderate Walk: Bracebridge Bay & High Falls Park

Start your day with a quick visit to High Falls Park just north of Bracebridge. (See description above). A short drive into the heart of town and you arrive at Bracebridge Falls, downstream on the Muskoka River. Bracebridge Bay is an urban walk on mostly paved surfaces with two significant hills and one set of stairs. This walk takes you up and over Bracebridge Falls, offering many delightful vantage points to view this iconic cascade. See the striking statue called Aurora in the mini park, before crossing the bridge above the falls. Visit the charming Chapel Gallery, a tranquil space to exhibit arts and crafts from local and provincial artisans in the quaint reconstruction of a tiny church.  Next to the art gallery is Woodchester, a unique octagonal historic home. Back down the opposite side of Bracebridge Falls, the trail resumes along the riverbank past the water wheel and eye-catching rocks to Kelvin Grove Park. Ten historic information plaques identify points of interest along the route.  

Moderate Covered Bridge Hike & High Falls Park (morning) SOLD OUT

Start your day with a quick visit to High Falls Park just north of Bracebridge. (See description above). Approaching your second destination of the morning, stop for pictures at the Covered Bridge. The hike features several short but steep hills, with terrain that varies from packed dirt to pavement. This scenic trail meanders alongside babbling Beaver Creek, into an enchanted forest. Capture the views of the cascading water at Keall’s Falls, crossing the wooden bridge under the canopy of trees above, and fallen logs below. You’ll be mesmerized by the calming sound of the flowing creek. Follow the riverside path till you reach the Meadow Heights neighbourhood. Check out the cool treehouse near the end of your 2-block walk. The forested trail continues once again, featuring splendid views down the steep bank to the river below. Before long, the path descends to Beaver Creek. Lovely, moss-covered logs strewn everywhere make for another memorable moment. Climb the earthen chute that looks like a bobsled luge. Hike on through the fabulous forest until you arrive at the main road. Then retrace your steps back to the pickup point, enjoying all the magnificent views from a different perspective. Beauty in Bracebridge! 

  • Cost: $14 CA/ $11 US (transportation fee)
  • Length of walk: max. 2.0 km (1.2 mi.)/ 1 hour 20 minutes
  • Elevation gain: unknown; 4 steep but short hills
  • Estimated time away from Camp (including afternoon activities): 8:00 am ~ 5:10 pm
  • Total round trip driving distance / time: 141 km (88 mi.) / 2 hour 10 minutes
  • Vehicle: bus
  • Rough Draft of Leader Packet: MS Word
  • Link: South Monck Covered Bridge Trail (ontarionaturetrails)
  • Town of Bracebridge Covered Bridge Trail (muskokatrailscouncil)

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Friday Afternoon SOLD OUT

Short Paddle to Bracebridge Falls & Swim (afternoon) SOLD OUT

Short Paddle to Bracebridge Falls & Swim Want to cool off on a hot summer day? How about a 2-hour paddle on the Muskoka River in a canoe, kayak, or tandem kayak? Outfitter staff will provide basic paddling instruction before you hit the water. Paddling upstream and around the bend, glide serenely along the calm, wide river until you see the railway bridge high overhead. Sharpe's Creek is next, a lovely, narrow river with dense foliage and birds flitting from shore to shore. Sharpen your steering skills on this winding creek. Sing a song aloud when you reach the double tunnel and hear the great acoustics! Turning right around, enjoy a new perspective as you paddle back downstream, right past your starting point and on to another tributary of the Muskoka River. Passing riverfront homes, you'll soon arrive at Bracebridge Falls. Explore the timid end-of-summer waterfalls splashing on the rocks. Then paddle over to the nearby beach for a quick dip in the refreshing water before heading back to the outfitter. A fun-filled afternoon of paddling! Suitable for all paddlers.

  • Cost: $14 CA/ $11 US (transportation fee) + $32 CA / $26 (Vendor Fee)
  • Cost (if bringing own watercraft): $10 CA / $8 US docking fee. (Must transport your own watercraft to & from the activity)
  • Length of paddle: 5 km (3.1 mi.) / 2 hours
  • Estimated time away from Camp (including morning activities): 8:00 am ~ 5:10 pm
  • Total round trip driving distance / time: 141 km (88 mi.) / 2 hour 10 minutes
  • Vehicle: bus
  • Rough Draft of Leader Packet: MS Word
  • Links: Muskoka Canoeing Adventure (
  • Muskoka Kayaking Adventure (

Stroll Manitoba Street in Bracebridge (afternoon) SOLD OUT

Stroll Manitoba Street in Bracebridge

Needing retail therapy? Or just some window shopping? Take a leisurely stroll along Manitoba Street in downtown Bracebridge, one of the prettiest main streets in Ontario. Home to historic red brick buildings with unique architectural features, the street boasts a unique blend of stores selling clothing, gifts, art, antiques, home décor, art, comics, books, and toys. Start your stroll at the iconic silver bridge overlooking Bracebridge Falls. Pick a sidewalk. Browse the stores and food shops, heading up the gentle hill towards Algonquin Outfitter, the outdoor adventure store. Admire the rustic log cabin building next door with stone fireplace and patio. Time permitting, continue till you reach the square gazebo and lovely lawn in Memorial Park. Or cross the street and head back down the other sidewalk. Admire the architectural masterpiece now called The Clock Tower Centre! Once the town’s post office, the building is now a treasure trove of artist studios, galleries, and boutiques. Bring home a Bracebridge souvenir!

  • Cost: $14 CA/ $11 US (transportation fee)
  • Length of stroll: 1.0 km (0.6 mi.) / 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Elevation gain: 15m (49 ft.); gradual hill
  • Estimated time away from Camp (including morning activities): 8:00 am ~ 5:10 pm
  • Total round trip driving distance / time: 141 km (88 mi.) / 2 hour 10 minutes
  • Vehicle: bus
  • Rough Draft of Leader Packet: MS Word
  • Links: Downtown (shop, taste)
  • Virtual Drive Manitoba Street ( Watch till 3:10

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Friday All Day

Moderate Hike at Wilson's Falls & High Falls Park SOLD OUT

Moderate Hike at Wilson’s Falls & High Falls ParkA short drive from your High Falls Park visit (see description above) is the hike that has it all - ravines, a steep climb, waterfalls, riverside hiking, boardwalks, and bushwhacking! The forested trail soon starts a steep descent, framed by a lovely ravine and winding creek. Stroll along the bank of the placid Muskoka River before crossing the bridge over the low dam. Bushwhack down to the other side of the river for gorgeous views before crossing back. The magical forest becomes softer, more open, with a pine needle carpet underfoot. And then you arrive at Wilson's Falls, the smallest of Bracebridge's cascades. The water dances down a series of short drops. Scamper gingerly amongst the resplendent rock ridges, works of natural art with white veins in long continuous lines. After your break "on the rocks," return to the pretty path along the water, once the bank of an ancient, wider river. Cross over babbling brooks running down the ravines. Read the signboards explaining the characteristics of the hilly terrain. A steep ascent up another ravine brings you to a few residential streets and a return to the forest to complete the loop. Wilson's Falls – the hike that has it all!

Moderate Hikes & Paddling at Arrowhead Provincial Park 

Moderate Hikes & Paddling at Arrowhead Provincial ParkHike, sightsee and paddle Arrowhead's top nature attractions! Start the day stretching your legs on a robust hike at Mayflower Lake. This rugged trail features several short steep climbs near the lake and a smaller pond teeming with beaver dams. The narrow path contains tree roots and protruding rocks, so tread carefully!...  Then step briefly into the Visitors' Centre for snacks, artisan offerings, outdoor gear, and boat rentals…. Next stop is Big Bend Lookout. Admire the panoramic view where the Big East River has carved a steep, deep valley into the surrounding forest in one "big bend," a truly breathtaking vista!

The popular Stubb's Falls trail is next. Walk the flat wide path, catching glimpses of the Little East River below. Soon, a bridge crosses the river to bring you to the scenic falls. Venture out onto the flat rocks to view the cascades up close and wet! Watch the water plummet, twist, and turn over the delightful rock formations. Close your eyes; absorb the soothing sound of the cascading water. Play hide and seek amongst the huge erratic boulders beside the falls. After your enjoyable respite, take the narrower, more rugged trail back along the Little East River until you emerge back at the road…. Last stop of the day is the sandy beach on Arrowhead Lake. Enjoy the beach and swim. Or spend a leisurely two hours paddling your optional rented canoe or solo kayak on the lake and down the Little East River. All in all, a glorious day in a perfect provincial park!

  • Cost: $28 CA / $22 US (transportation fee) + $3 CA/ $2 US (park entry)
    • Optional 2-hour rentals: Canoe $10 CA/ $8 US per person, or solo kayak $21 CA/ $17
  • Total length of all trails: 5.35 km (3.3 mi.) / 3 hours 10 minutes
  • Length of paddle: any distance / 2 hour
  • Total elevation gain on both trails: 104 m. (341 ft.)
  • Estimated time away from Camp: 8:00 am ~ 5:00 pm
  • Total round trip driving distance / time: 131 km (81 mi.) / 1 hour 50 minutes
  • Vehicle: van or car
  • Rough Draft of Leader Packet: MS Word
  • Links: Arrowhead Provincial Park (
  • Arrowhead Travel Blog (
Midland & Tay Shore Trails Bike Ride

Midland & Tay Shore Trails Bike RidePAVED off-road cycling paths… what a treat! But beware, this isn't all flat! The Midland Rotary trail starts with a gentle but long hill up and down. Beginning at Midland's scenic harbour, the path passes several parkettes on its way to a waterfront promenade through glorious backyard gardens on one side and the clear waters of Georgian Bay on the other. Crossing the Wye River, enjoy awesome views of the historic wood buildings of St. Marie Among the Hurons. Next up, the flat Tay Shore rail trail travels through a canopy of lush forest with interpretive nature signs along the way. The route passes through two wetlands with grand views of the bays and opportunities to see wildlife. At Victoria Harbour, a delightful park with a gazebo and a small beach will be your lunch stop. Time permitting, the group may continue further along the trail. On the return cycle, a short spur trail towards Port McNicoll includes a splendid view of Hogg Bay. Returning along Tay Shore, cap this cycle with ice cream at the dairy kiosk in Midland Harbour.

  • Eligibility: must be able to cycle 35 km/ 22 miles in 4 hours on flat trails and one moderate hill
  • Cost (if renting bike): $28 CA/ $22 US (transportation fee) + $39 CA/ $31 US (vendor fee)
    • No cost if you bring your own bike, but you must transport your own bike to & from the activity. 
  • Length of bike ride: min. 26.2 km (16.2 mi.); max 43 km (27 mi.) / 4 hours 50 minutes
  • Elevation gain: 53 m. (173 ft.) Moderate hill followed by relatively flat rail trail
  • Estimated time away from camp: 8:20 am ~ 5:15 pm
  • Total round trip driving distance / time: 202 km (125 mi.) / 2 hour 15 minutes
  • Vehicle: Cars. (Drive your own vehicle if you are bringing your own bike.)
  • Rough Draft of Leader Packet: MS Word
  • Links: Midland Rotary Waterfront Trail (Simcoe maps &
  • Tay Shore Trail (Simcoe maps &
  • Tay Shore Rail Trail (Ontario bike

Easy School House Trail Hike & Visit Big Chute Marine Railway

Easy School House Trail Hike & Visit Big Chute Marine RailwayWinding through the iconic Georgian Bay landscapes of forest, rock barren, and wetlands, the School House Trail is an easily accessible taste of wilderness. The trail is named after the former Point aux Pins School House. The flat multi-use trail surface of crushed screenings connects to a cedar bridge boardwalk that crosses a beautiful marsh ecosystem. Informative signboards detail the history of the school and the ecological importance of the habitats along this walk. Find evidence of beavers at work! Marvel at the magnificent charcoal and pink layers in the rock, on the hike and enroute from camp.

Next up, pop over to Port Severn Park for lunch at the picnic area and a quick dip in the lake at the beach. Last stop of the day is the Big Chute Marine Railway. This unique lock on the Trent Severn system is a sight to behold, as this giant contraption transports boats between lakes at different elevations parallel to a set of rapids. Really fun to watch!

Huntsville Tree Top Trekking & Group of Seven Outdoor Gallery

Huntsville Tree Top Trekking & Group of Seven Outdoor GallerySpend an unforgettable day at Muskoka's most exciting outdoor adventure!  Explore the forest canopy on your 3-hour guided tour as you climb, swing, and zip your way through the treetop aerial games course filled with exciting features like Tarzan swings, monkey cables, and log bridges! Levels range from beginner to expert, so there's fun for everyone! After being outfitted in a harness and helmet, your safety orientation will precede your day up in the tree canopy. Feel the rush as you fly across the ziplines! Surround yourself with nature as you trek from tree to tree on swinging logs, cable traverses, suspended bridges and much more - the ultimate outdoor rush!

And then, a little change of pace! Take a leisurely stroll through Huntsville's historic downtown district to find thirty-three stunning hand-painted murals displayed on the exterior walls of buildings. This Outdoor Gallery is a dramatic collection of remarkable reproductions of the famous artwork of Tom Thomson and Canada's renowned Group of Seven. Inspired by the beauty of nearby Algonquin Park, their revolutionary style reveals the wild and rugged nature of Canada.


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