Main Event Daytime Activities

We will be staying at URJ Camp George located in scenic Seguin Township, an area that features the Canadian Shield - ancient rock formations, trees, and lakes.
Here is a sampling of the activities offered for the Main Event of Jewish Outdoor Escape 2022:

    • Easy hikes like Bala Historic Walk through the picturesque town of Bala & the Schoolhouse Trail in Port Severn.
    • Lovely moderate hikes around gorgeous lakes like Hardy Lake Provincial Park, or Wilson Falls in Bracebridge, alongside the picturesque Muskoka River, or Arrowhead Provincial Park featuring a hike to stunning Stubb Falls along with some canoeing or kayaking.
    • Check out the stunning North Shore Rugged Trail along the shores of Georgian Bay, or Cranberry Marsh trails followed by wine tasting.
    • Advanced hikes like Centennial Ridges, the longest trail in world renowned Algonquin Park.
    • Biking along old railways lines on the paved Tay Shore Trail, or the Algonquin Park Rail Trail.
    • Canoeing or kayaking from camp along the beautiful bays of Maple Lake connecting to Duck Lake or paddling to the waterfalls on the Muskoka River. Or for the truly adventurous, a unique canoe/rappelling combination in Bracebridge!
    • A visit to picturesque Rosseau Falls combined with a tour of the Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary & a visit to the quaint town of Rosseau.
    • Treetop trekking & ziplining, followed by a visit to the main street of Huntsville to check out the huge wall murals of the Group of Seven.
    • Two Island Queen boat cruises, one with, one without hiking & swimming, along Lake Huron's iconic Georgian Bay, famous for its rocky islands and windswept Jack Pines.
    • A short walk along the Gravenhurst Wharf Trail, a visit to the fascinating Muskoka Discovery Centre, capped off by a cruise on the Wenona II.
    • Feeding the chickadees, walking the easy trails and canoeing or kayaking through Wye Marsh Wetlands.
    • Spectacular night sky views from the Torrance Barrens Dark Sky Preserve, possibly seeing the late summer Northern Lights.
    • Ontario's best kept secret, a Garden of Eden, aka High Falls Park, for everyone who signs up for any activities in beautiful Bracebridge.
    • There will also be many activities at the camp itself, from high ropes, pick-up games of basketball, soccer, archery to name a few and Shabbat services as well as evening activities, including icebreakers, dancing in the outdoor pavilion, and nightly campfires and sing-alongs.
    • Also, we plan to offer in camp workshops and lectures brought to you by our talented and informative volunteers.

Check out the full schedule by clicking on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday

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