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Jewish Outdoor Escape 2022 COVID Policy and Participant Attestation


The health and safety of all Jewish Outdoor Escape attendees is our number one concern—and even more so during an international pandemic with ever-changing government regulations!

MOCA pledges to follow all COVID-19 regulations as required by the Canadian government, the Ontario Provincial government, and our hosts at Camp George and their sponsoring organization, the Union for Reform Judaism.

In addition, to ensure everyone’s comfort and safety, we want to let you know that:

  1. Our expectation is while traveling on a Mosaic vehicle, bus, van, or private vehicle, you will wear a mask covering BOTH your mouth and nose.  We also expect that you will respect this requirement or it will be considered a Code of Conduct violation.
  2. We will have a limited amount of rapid antigen tests on hand for people to use if they feel unwell
  3. The camp will have “quarantine” cabins set aside for the duration of the JOE, should anyone test positive
  4. Our main dining area is an ample space with good ventilation.
  5. We have multiple activity choices every day, both in and out of camp, most of which are outdoors/not in enclosed spaces
  6. The United States has currently lifted requirements that those flying into the United States must show proof of a negative antigen test within one day of flying. MOCA will keep you apprised if there is a change to this policy, and provide information about obtaining a pre-flight test. 

Please note that currently, only fully vaccinated people are allowed to enter Canada via plane or land for recreational purposes and are required to fill out certain documents in advance. You may be subject to random COVID testing at the border/at the airport. Should you test positive at the border, you will be required to quarantine at your own expense for ten (10) days.

See: https://travel.gc.ca/travel-covid/travel-restrictions/covid-vaccinated-travellers-entering-canada

Despite our best efforts, we cannot guarantee that the JOE will be a completely COVID-19-free experience. To reduce the likelihood of an outbreak at camp, ALL participants must sign the following attestation as part of the registration process:

I am fully vaccinated and boosted (or will be, at least 14 days before I attend the JOE/the JOE Pre-Trip.)

I will not attend the JOE/the JOE pre-trip or post-trip if: a) I test positive for COVID-19 ten (10) or fewer days before the start of the program, or b) if I test positive for COVID-19 ten (10) or more days before the JOE/JOE pre-trip and my symptoms have not begun to resolve before my scheduled departure date for the JOE/JOE pre-trip or c) I have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 during the previous  ten (10) days, even if I test negative on an antigen test during that period.

I will take an antigen test the day of, or the day before at the earliest, of my departure for the JOE/JOE pre-trip and will not attend if I test positive. Please note that the RegPack Purchase Protection plan will cover the event cancellation expenses paid through RegPack.

Given the multi-symptom nature of COVID-19, I will take an antigen test at the camp should I feel unwell for any reason.

Should I test positive after taking the antigen test at the camp, I will:

  1. Quarantine at the camp in a designated cabin for the duration of the JOE, and secure and pay for my own quarantine location and transportation to the quarantine location after the conclusion of the JOE
  2. Not hold MOCA nor MOCO responsible for the positive test result, for any costs related to missing activities, for post-program quarantine accommodation/transportation costs, or any costs related to medical treatment.
  3. If I am flying to the United States after the conclusion of the JOE, and the United States still requires proof of a negative test within one (1) day of departure, I will be responsible for: paying for, and securing, a rapid test at the airport, or a rapid test and telehealth appointment conducted in camp (making the appointment before arriving at the JOE). If local off-camp testing is available, I understand that it might entail missing scheduled JOE activities, and I will not hold MOCA responsible for any costs related to the testing or the missed activities.
  4. I will follow any last-minute protocols as required by Canada, the U.S., and/or MOCA's medical advisors, including mandatory masking and other measures deemed to be medically necessary

By electronic signature during registration of the event, I have read, understand, and agree to all terms and conditions of this agreement.


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