All meals will be provided by the camp staff, which will be basic camp food. Past entrees have included falafel, chicken, beef, salad bar, etc. Vegetarian, Gluten, and Dairy Free meals are available for those who requested them via their registration.

We provide primarily healthy choices and will make every attempt to accommodate special dietary needs within the limitation of what the camp can supply. There are often many vegetarians, so that that non-meat choice will be available at every meal. We have reviewed the menus with the camp in advance to ensure that there is something for everyone. It is essential that you carefully denote your dietary restrictions and allergies on the registration form.


There will be three options:

  1. Standard
  2. Vegetarian
  3. Vegan


  • Those attending out-of-camp activities may pack a lunch during breakfast on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We will provide a variety of lunch options, snacks, and fruit for you to choose from.
  • Lunch will be served in camp for those who are not attending out-of-camp activities on Saturday only. There will be NO food served for lunch in camp on Friday and Sunday.

URJ Camp George Kashrut Guidelines for Kitchen Operations

Camp George is owned and operated by the Union for Reform Judaism. Their kitchen is managed by Express Food Services, which provides delicious and nutritious kosher meals. They can accommodate a variety of dietary needs, including food allergies and sensitivities. While any outside authority does not supervise their kitchen, the principles, and teachings of Kashrut guide both food ingredients and food preparation. These guidelines were developed under the rabbinic authority of the Reform Rabbis of Greater Toronto. 

Ordering and Ingredients

  • The kitchen does not mix milk and meat ingredients together in any items being served in the same meal
  • All meat (chicken and beef) will have a Kosher hechsher
  • No pork or shellfish will be served at any time
  • No pork gelatin will be served at any time (i.e., only kosher marshmallows and jello products will be used)
  • Dairy products do not require a Kosher hechsher
  • Items that do not contain a kosher symbol must be carefully inspected for ingredients to determine milk/meat/parve usage
  • The kitchen does not offer mock products and will not serve faux bacon bits or soy cheese with meat meals
  • Produce does not require kosher symbols and must be thoroughly washed before use for both hygiene and kashrut
  • All produce is considered parve; salad bar dressings will correspond to meat and dairy meals being served
  • The nut-sensitive facility does not serve products that contain or may contain nuts or are produced in a facility that also handles nut or nut products


  • The kitchen uses separate meat and dairy dishes for the preparation and serving of meals
  • Kitchen equipment (ovens, steamer, refrigerators, freezer, and dishwasher) are used for the preparation and storage of both meat and dairy meals
  • Deep fryers are used separately - one meat and one parve usage only
  • Kitchen countertops and prep areas are used for either meat or milk preparation at one time and are sanitized and washed down before the subsequent usage
  • Both women and men are treated equally concerning kitchen operations and responsibilities for turning on cooking appliances and supervision of ingredients
  • Only staff specifically hired to work in the kitchen may access or prepare food. Both Jewish and non-Jewish staff are treated with respect and trusted to maintain Kosher guidelines and practices.
  • The kitchen may operate throughout all Jewish holidays except for Passover.

Shabbat Operations

  • Preparation of food may occur on Saturday
  • Ovens may be turned on and off during Shabbat to heat food and conserve energy
  • Coffee may be served on Shabbat unless otherwise requested


Menu TBA.

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