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Chairperson of the Event: Raymond Ockrant

Phone: 888-MOSAICS, 888-667-2427


Website: www mosaicoutdoor org

Committee Chairperson / Email Addresses

This event is an all-volunteer-run event. Please contact us if there is an area you would like to help.

Check out the Volunteering for full descriptions of each committee

Advanced Team Coordinator TBD
Bedding Package Coordinator(s) TBD
Check-In Chairperson TBD
Conservation Committee Chairperson TBD
Daytime Activities - In Camp Chairperson TBD
Daytime Activities - Out of Camp Chairperson Norm Abrams
Evening Activity Chairperson TBD
Food Committee Chairperson Ellen Flax
Housing Committee Chairperson TBD
Photos Committee Chairperson TBD
Post Trip Chairperson Raymond Ockrant
Pre-Trip Co-Chairperson Francine Dick
Publicity Chairperson TBD
Quartermaster(s) TBD
Registrar Mindy Tumarkin
Religious Committee Chairperson Ellen Flax
Ride-Share Coordinator for Canada TBD
Ride-Share Coordinator for USA TBD
Scholarship Committee Chairperson TBD
Transportation Coordinator Brian Horowitz
Volunteer Coordinator Jo Anne Chisholm
Welcome/Social Committee Chairperson TBD

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