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Base Pricing for the Main Event

Note: Optional Pre-Trip, housing upgrades and certain activities will be an additional cost. All prices are in US Dollars.

Registration Rates

Type Price CAD Price USD


      All Dates start 12:01 AM Central Time / End at 11:59 PM Central time the days listed unless noted
Early Bird $675 $529

May 23 @ 8:00 PM EDT - July 10, 2022 

  • Early Bird will pay $100 Deposit upon registration. 
  • Final payment will automatically be pulled from their method of payment on record on July 17th
Standard Rate $700 $549 July 11 - August 1, 2022
Late Registration** $740 $579 August 2 - August 14, 2022
Last Minute*** $800 $625 August 15 - August 17, 2022
Non-Member Fee $65 $50 Additional on all price levels

**Late Registration has the following restrictions

  • Swag (T-Shirt, Hats and other materials printed with  Mosaic logo if offered) may not be available for anyone who registers after August 1st, 2022.
  • Registration for the Pre-Trip will be limited to availability and price may increase.

*** Last Minute Rate has the following restrictions:

  • Same as Late Registration PLUS
  • No registration for any activities that have an upcharge, or that require an advance headcount before this date.
  • It is limited to Standard Housing only.
  • No special requests for special housing or food.
  • May or may not be included in the attendee roster, giveaways or pre-printed badges handed out to the attendees.


Bring a Friend Discount

The best way to enjoy something is with your friends. Even better if you could share the event with your friends and $$$SAVE$$$ money at the same time?

Both you and your friend are eligible for a $12 CA/ $10 US discount/credit by following the steps below:

  • Register between July 20th and August 14th. 
  • List your friend's name in the appropriate spot on the registration form (first page of the process).
  • Your friend must either be already paid in full or register with full payment within 72 hours of the first friend (naming each other if both registering after July 19th). 
  • We verify that both people involved are registered and paid in full and then apply the discount/credit, which will be AFTER you complete your registration.
  • Use the credit for other items in your registration or receive a refund after the event is over.
  • You can receive a discount/credit on as many friends as possible until your discount is equal to the cost of your base event price (Activity fees will not be discounted).

Pricing for Upgraded Housing

On an availability basis.

Room Type Price CAD Price USD
Single $180 per person $150 per person
Double $90 per person $75 per person
Couple $180 per room $150 per room

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Click HERE to go find out more information about scholarships. 

Canadian Payments

Please CLICK HERE to find more info on paying via a Canadian Bank

Covid Policy for the Event

Please CLICK HERE to find more info on Covid Policy for the Event

Best Practice to Register

Please CLICK HERE to see information on best practice to register

Please CLICK HERE to see a list of all questions ask and all offerings with pricing listed via an Excel Spreadsheet. 

RegPack Purchase Protection

RegPack, our registration software provider, offers Purchase Protection as a service that can reimburse the FULL cost of your event registration (minus the insurance cost) if you need to cancel unexpectedly because you or your family member get sick or suddenly passes away (including COVID). The price of RegPack Purchase Protection is based on a small percentage of your total eligible order. This insurance does NOT include the cost of your travel to/from the event.
Mosaic and its representatives assume no liability, endorse, nor sponsor the purchase protection offered by RegPack. If you opt for the RegPack Purchase Protection, any cancellation refunds will follow RegPack procedures rather than the Mosaic cancellation policy. 
The Mosaic cancellation policy applies if you do not pay for the purchase protection or RegPack's Purchase Protection policy conditions do not apply to your situation (i.e., for other reasons than sickness or death). Please note that the Mosaic cancellation policy includes only recoverable charges, and any processing fees will be applied as said policy. These fees will likely be more than RegPack's Purchase Protection cost.
RegPack Purchase Protection can be purchased any time you log in to make payment for Mosaic's event. It can be bought at any point up until the actual date of the event, BUT Mosaic will lock out any changes to your registration on August 17th (about two weeks before the event). Mosaic can help you via admin access if the need exists until Sunday, August 28th. Our volunteer event staff will be in transit or otherwise occupied after this date.
Click HERE for more info on RegPack Purchase Protection

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Cancellation Policy and Fine Print

  • Mosaic reserves the right to make appropriate and necessary changes to cost and schedule.
  • Cancellations will only be refunded after the event.
  • Cancellations by July 10, 2022, 11:59 pm (CDT): full refund of the registration amount less all processing fees.
  • Cancellations by August 14, 2022, 11:59 pm (CDT): full refund of the registration amount less a 25% cancellation fee and all processing fees.
  • Cancellations after August 14, 2022, 11:59 pm (CDT): NO REFUND.
  • In the case of extreme circumstances and Regpack Purchase, Protections has not been purchased; upon application, Mosaic Outdoor Clubs of America (MOCA) may grant a full refund of the registration amount minus any unrecoverable expenses.  Such extreme cases would include illness that puts one at risk and/or would put others at risk that would preclude someone from traveling and/or participating in the event; an incapacitating accident or injury; a death or grave illness in one’s family.  MOCA reserves the right to require documentation to substantiate the claim before issuing a refund.​ 

Processing fees include:

  • Ten percent of your total bill (credit card fees)
  • Any unrecoverable vendor fees specific to your registration
  • Any unrecoverable MOCA expenses specific to your registration (which may include, but not exclusive to, camp fees, administrative fees and giveaways)

Cancelation Process:

  • Email: Registration@MosaicOutdoor.Org
  • Do NOT use any other email accounts to cancel.
  • We will respond with an email to confirm your intentions.
  • Refunds will happen AFTER the event and fees applied as per the refund policy above.

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MOCA Direct or Chapter Membership Status

Member Status:

  • You must be a member of a Mosaic Club, Chapter, or the International Organization to attend. Your Mosaic membership can be a local club or chapter or a MOCA Direct International member. Select the club or chapter to which you belong; otherwise, select membership as an option. There is a $50 non-member fee to attend. 
  • Alternatively, you can join any of our local clubs or chapters. Please ensure you are on the membership list when we contact the local clubs or chapters on or around August 1, 2022, to verify your member status. Anyone found not listed as a member of one of our local clubs, chapters, or direct MOCA by August 10 will be charged the $50 non-member fee automatically.
  • You will find that the membership fee of any local club or chapter is cheaper than paying the non-member up-charge fee.

Mosaic Clubs

Country State or Province Club
Israel Jerusalem Jerusalem Mosaic Hiking Club
Canada Ontario Mosaic Outdoor Club of Ontario - Toronto & Ottawa
US CA Mosaic Outdoor Club of Greater Los Angeles
US GA Mosaic Jewish Outdoor Club of Georgia
US MA Mosaic Jewish Outdoor Club of Massachusetts
US MD Mosaic Outdoor Mountain Club of Maryland
US NY/NJ/CT Mosaic Outdoor Mountain Club of Greater New York
US OH Mosaic Outdoor Club of Northeast Ohio
US OR Portland Mosaic Jewish Outdoors Club
US PA Mosaic Outdoor Club of Philadelphia
US TX Jewish Outdoor Club of Central Texas

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Change Fee

August 17th will be the VERY LAST DAY for you to make ANY changes to your registration on your own. After this date you will need to contact us for anything about your registration.

Any change requests after August 17th will incur a $21 CAD / $18 US change fee per change, unless authorized by the chairpeople. Cancellation policies will override the change fee policy if you cannot attend the event. The change fee will be incurred PER CHANGE for the following:

  1. Travel Information if you are taking MOCA transportation
  2. Updating or changing what activities you are planning to attend during the event (each activity is considered one change)
  3. Housing changes

Unless otherwise noted, by August 17, 2022, the headcounts and charges have been finalized with vendors and cannot be changed. The activity can be changed by incurring a change fee, but no refund will be possible if the vendor costs (including, but not limited to activity fees and transportation charges) are not recoverable.

The change fee will not apply for changes related to items (activities and housing upgrades) where you are on a waiting list.

Why charge a change fee?

Once registration closes, we start the process of finalizing head counts and payment with our vendors, preparing leader and participant packets, and preparing safety information. To make final preparations, we need to have accurate data on all participants involved. Many decisions, reports, signage, adjustments, transportation plans, etc. are based on this participant data. If during our final preparations, you request a change or update, you add as much as several hours' worth of work for the volunteer event committee members to make that adjustment, taking our attention away from other much-needed event preparation.

Be fair to your volunteer event committee. Please take the time to make sure you have given us all the information requested from you by August 14th. This includes:

  • What activities do you plan to do EVERY day
  • Travel plans include full flight information if you are flying or if you are not flying letting us know how you are getting to/from the event
  • Reserving a space in and paying for your MOCA shuttle
  • Housing

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Phone vs. PC

We strongly recommend you register using a device that has a large screen.

While it is possible to register via a mobile device, it be would be much easier to register via a full-sized computer screen.

Please select your activities before clicking on the link to register.


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