Canadian Payments

Mosaic wants to give Canadians the option to either pay via a U.S. bank in U.S. dollars or a Canadian bank in Canadian dollars. Paying in the same currency as your bank will allow you AND Mosaic to avoid international bank transfer fees. The catch is it will require a little extra effort both on you AND Mosaic to pay via a Canadian bank.

Steps To Be Taken:

  • Finish the registration process within the U.S. form.
  • Upon completion, the Registrar will get an alert of your registration and create an account for you on a separate Canadian form attached to a Canadian Bank.
  • Please allow a few days for this to occur. Remember, we’re all volunteers who do this in addition to our regular jobs.
  • The Registrar will send you an email with the link and log-in information to the Canadian form.
  • You will have four days to log into the Canadian form to complete your registration by submitting your payment in Canadian dollars. After four days, your registration will be canceled. 
  • DO NOT try to make any changes in the Canadian form. If there is a problem or inconsistency with the U.S. form, report it via email to


  • The registration form you currently are working on lists all pricing in U.S. dollars (except for Registrant type) and is attached to a U.S. bank. 
  • All amounts listed on the Canadian form will be in Canadian dollars and attached to a Canadian Bank. 
  • The Canadian form will be a stripped-down version of the U.S. form. It will only list payment options you already selected in the U.S. form. 
  • The U.S. form will be used for all reporting and quotas. The Canadian form only allows payments in CAD. 
  • Mosaic fixes pricing for all options in both US$ and CA$ based on an average conversion rate calculation. It does NOT VARY based on the current exchange rate. The pricing calculation between the two currencies for each option is based on a preselected rate and does not fluctuate
  • You should see a zero-balance due on the U.S. form when completed if paying via the Canadian form after the Registrar makes a manual adjustment.
  • Should you make registration changes, there may be a delay before such changes are reflected on the Canadian form. Charges will be adjusted appropriately when the forms have been re-synched.
  • Remember that it is a MANUAL PROCESS to keep the forms in synch, so please be patient with us.

Why Two Forms:

  • It is the only way to allow payment from two different banks and avoid international bank transfer fees. This is an “experiment” this year to accommodate our Canadian members who have requested the ability to pay in Canadian dollars.
  • Payment is based on the U.S. dollar since Mosaic Outdoor Clubs of America does its banking at a U.S. bank and is incorporated in the U.S.
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